Choose from 28 Finishes

You choose from our selection of 28 finishes. Go for the Flintstone II coating to give it a granite look.

Revitalise that old surface

Your kitchen or bathroom can look as good as new with a new coating from The Resurfacing Company.

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We can resurface kitchen cabinets, doors, baths, tiles and vanities by spraying with a specialised coating system in whatever colour you want.


Benchtops are coated in Flintstone II a faux granite finish in 28 different colours.


Minor damage is repaired and the new coating can be tinted to any Dulux colour in High-gloss Satin or Matte finish.


Cabinets are coated in Poly-Glass a tough, hard wearing Poly-Urethane that is UV resistant, and comes in High-Gloss, Satin or Matte finishes.


The same quality Dulux High-gloss Satin or Matte finish in any colour can be used on the wall tiles, so all the surfaces can benefit from the tough hard wearing coating.

The Full Treatment

The Kitchen After

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This Winston Hills Kitchen was given a new lease of life. They got the full treatment; cabinets, benchtop, and splashback all resurfaced and new brushed aluminium kickplates fitted.